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    Synergy Diesel Efficient TM Backed by advanced science and technology, Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel is engineered to provide fuel economy benefits in diesel cars and trucks, as well as in commercial vehicles.* Synergy Diesel …Types Of Car Fuel – Hi Barry, Shell Fuelsave is a standard premium unleaded fuel which is rated at 95 octane — as are all premium unleaded fuels sold in the UK, and most of Europe. This will be perfectly fine for your car. Shell V-Power Nitro+ …Solid fuel – WikipediaTypes of solid fuels Wood Wood fuel can refer to several fuels such as firewood, charcoal, wood chips sheets, pellets, and sawdust. The particular form used depends upon factors such as source, quantity, quality and application. …Fuel Types – Fuel Freedom FoundationFuel Types Ethanol Also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, this flammable, colorless liquid is made by the fermentation of sugars in certain plants. In the United States, the vast majority of ethanol produced — more than 16 …Types of car fuel – Ecosse Direct – Your Relocation to …The different types of car fuel if you visit the UK and Scotland from petrol premium, (super) unleaded, 95, 97 and 98 octane, diesel, LPG. …The Different Types of Diesel Fuel: #1,#2, and #4 – …One difference I’ve found at fuel stations between “truck diesel” and “car diesel” is the nozzle for the “truck diesel” is too large to correctly fit in my VW Jetta. Here is another diesel fuel difference. You can get “off-road” diesel, but that …

  • six types of fuels used in today’s vehicles | it still runs

    Six Types of Fuels Used in Today’s Vehicles | It Still Runs

    Today’s vehicles run on a variety of fuels, some of which you probably aren’t aware of. While it’s true than the vast majority of vehicles run on gasoline, the technology to burn other fuels to meet our transportation needs does exist …Aviation fuel – WikipediaAvgas is sold in much lower volume than jet fuel, but to many more individual aircraft operators; whereas jet fuel is sold in high volume to large aircraft operators, such as airlines and military. Energy content The net energy content …Top Eight Alternative Fuels | CleanTechnicaMarch 8th, 2012 by Glenn Meyers Gasoline and diesel are still fossil fuel kings of the fuel supply chain but alternative fuels are now swinging the scale more toward green. A growing number of people believe alternative fuels will have …Home – Sunoco Race FuelsFuel Finder | Fuel Selector Fuel Finder Fuel Selector Fuels Racing About Us History Winner’s Circle Sunoco Society Merchandise Tech Corner Contact On My Way International E-Commerce Buy Now Tap to use map View All …